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Boris Johnson 'leadership' website launch! 'Boris For Britain' comes complete with endorsements from Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Mogg and Farage.

Read the full story here


  • IanB2IanB2 Posts: 18,602
    First - again!
  • IanB2IanB2 Posts: 18,602
    Didn't Paul Waugh say that the site is a spoof?
  • Scott_PScott_P Posts: 46,486
    IanB2 said:

    Didn't Paul Waugh say that the site is a spoof?

  • SandpitSandpit Posts: 22,172
    edited April 9
  • SquareRootSquareRoot Posts: 6,595
    Boris is the spoof.. Appalling thought that he could be PM.
  • RogerRoger Posts: 11,332
    edited April 9
    With those endorsements at least least if he became leader no one would have the gall to talk about Labour racism anymore.
  • Morris_DancerMorris_Dancer Posts: 49,736
    Good morning, everyone.

    Must admit, before checking the comments I did wonder if that was a spoof, or an anti-Boris site, as a Trump endorsement isn't going to win him much support.
  • DecrepitJohnLDecrepitJohnL Posts: 11,559
    edited April 9
    Erm, has OGH fallen for a hoax? That site looks a bit iffy, for instance where it refers to "my cunning plan" and "May's awful deal", and:

    Instead of trusting the proud and Churchillian instincts of the British people, Frau May, with assistance from Herr Corbyn and the Marxist Labour Party, has decided to shred the Brexit Independence we voted for in favour of indefinite subjugation.

    I never wanted to be Prime Minister. Indeed, if there was anything I could do to stop myself from running for leader, I would. But we need a leader who will escape the shackles of the Customs Union, bin the backstop, and push our horizons back out across the seas we once ruled.

    As your Prime Minister, I would tell Europe to ‘sod off’, and quickly strike a trade deal with my good friend in the White House that would allow the spirit of American enterprise to course through the veins of our NHS.

    During the darkest hours of the history of these islands, true leaders have sallied forth, proudly bearing Albion’s banner. As Lord Kitchener once said, “Your country needs me.”
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