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SystemSystem Posts: 6,199
edited August 2015 in General » Blog Archive » An LD gain from CON and a CON gain from LAB the main highlights of this week’s local by elections

Crosskeys on Caerphilly (Lab defence)
Result: Labour 354 (51% -4%), Plaid Cymru 179 (26% +13%), United Kingdom Independence Party 166 (24%, no candidate in 2012)
Labour HOLD with a majority of 175 (25%) on a swing of 8.5% from Labour to Plaid Cymru

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  • CharlesCharles Posts: 19,820
    Two threads? Which shall I be first on?
  • New thread
  • Morris_DancerMorris_Dancer Posts: 43,711
    Cheers for this, Mr. Hayfield.
  • kle4kle4 Posts: 31,692
    Labour failing even in Exeter, their SW bastion?!

    Ok, I saw it last night, but still, a surprse. Corbynistas convincing Blue Liberals (and Blue Labour) to go Tory?
  • kle4kle4 Posts: 31,692
    Nuneaton still trending further Tory.
  • justin124justin124 Posts: 5,054
    The swing in Exeter of 7% is clearly based on the 2012 result which saw Labour win by 280 votes. However, the most recent elections in 2014 produced a Labour majority of just 34 so very little swing from that point. Interesting to note also that in the September 2010 election in this ward - just over 4 months after the 2010 General Election - Labour's majority was just 4 votes! Clearly it is normally a highly competitive ward.
  • MikeKMikeK Posts: 9,053
    UKIP not doing well in the locals, but hoping to get a foot in the door.
  • AndyJSAndyJS Posts: 22,432
    edited August 2015
    I think it's fascinating how London is becoming more and more irrelevant in terms of national politics. It used to be one of the most important regions, full of marginal seats. In 1992 the result in London was almost exactly in line with the national result.
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