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edited August 2017 in General » Blog Archive » How an anti-Brexit party could be created without the need to leave existing parties

It has been rehearsed many time over – the massive challenges that a new party would face simply getting off the ground.

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  • david_herdsondavid_herdson Posts: 13,962
    "would the main parties agree to their general election candidates putting themselves forward in this way"?

    No. And that's the end of that route.

    I cannot for a moment imagine that the Tories will allow (some of) their candidates to stand as the official representative of a party which is also endorsing Labour and Lib Dem candidates. I would very much doubt that Labour would either, though I've less knowledge there. Obviously, there have been times when some smaller parties have endorsed the candidate of a bigger one (or, rarely, vice versa), but that's quite different from standing on a joint nomination.

    Besides, either the Campaigning party (for want of a better description) has a structure, a manifesto and sanctions for breaking promises, or it doesn't. If it does then inevitably, there will be conflicts between those expectations and requirements and those of the main party, probably irreconcilable ones. On the other hand, if it doesn't have these internal policies or procedures, what's the point of it beyond gesture politics? Either way, a joint ticket makes very little sense.
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