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EU: Support for Independence, Katapult poll of polls:

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  • kle4kle4 Posts: 31,020
    56% in Venice (and environs), really? I knew there was some sentiment, but that is high, even recognising the relatively recent formation of the modern Italian state and historical Venetian sovereignty.

    I note that in every case where separatist sentiment is surging (bar Sardinia), the secessionist part is at least as rich as its host

    Interesting indeed. Someone yesterday was suggesting an impact of increased globilization wherein we still care, in identity terms, with our very immediate neighbours, but harder to identify with the larger national boundaries. If regions are wealthier and feel a lack of connection to the larger state like that, it would explain why they are more keen to break away.

    But doesn't that line above contradict the bit immediately below, placing support for Venetian independence as part of the trend of 'strident nativism' of the poor and ill-educated?

    Some tough issues for the EU to grapple with in particular.
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