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NEW: Electoral Commission launches fresh inquiry into whether Vote Leave, Darren Grimes & Veterans for Britain broke campaign rules in EU ref.

Read the full story here


  • justin124justin124 Posts: 5,036
    TSE said:
    'I did my A Levels 20/21 years ago. '

    Glad to hear you managed an A in A level History!. However, even in the mid-1990s A levels were a good deal easier - in terms of achieving a particular grade - than back in the 1960s & 1970s. I believe the switch to Absolute Marking from Relative Marking occurred in circa 1988, and thereafter A level - and GCSE - grades shot up. I recall in the early 1970s that 30% of pupils sitting A Levels failed to achieve even the lowest pass grade - ie a grade E. Nowadays over 95% manage that despite the fact that such exams are no longer restricted to the most academic pupils.
  • FregglesFreggles Posts: 2,765
    Brexit knackered the other post has it?

    Jonathan said:

    You can feel that control flooding back today.

    Yes, it's all a bit - wait - what's that?

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