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SystemSystem Posts: 6,199
edited December 2017 in General » Blog Archive » The restoration of hanging, corporal punishment & blue passports – the key post-Brexit priorities for Leave voters

The point that Professor John Curtice made yesterday about the big dividing politics British politics has become between social liberals and social conservatives is very much backed up by the above polling published by YouGov earlier in the year.

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  • rcs1000rcs1000 Posts: 22,576
    I really don't understand why people think the EU prevents us from having blue passports. It does not. There is an EU country with a dark blue passport (Croatia) already.

    What we cannot have, because we are signatories to the ICAO's Convention for Travel documents, is the old hard backed passports. The ICAO does encourage colouring conventions by geography (so Norway has a red-ish passport to fit in with other European countries).
  • CharlesCharles Posts: 19,818
    I don't care about any of the issues on the list.

    I would like the laws on incandescent light bulbs changed as that would mean my stockpile of 1,000 might be marketable...
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