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edited January 4 in General » Blog Archive » New academic research shows the wide differences between CON members and those who join other parties


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  • kyf_100kyf_100 Posts: 934
    So Conservatives are conservative. Who'da thunk it? Had a look at the full report and sadly it seems as if the "extreme" viewpoints under the microscope are slanted to the right with no questions asked about extremist attitudes that may exist in other parties, e.g.

    How many Labour voters believe in total renationalisation of all industries?
    How many Labour voters believe in an effective tax rate of over 90% for those earning 150k or more?
    How many believe it's acceptable to forcibly expropriate property from owners of second homes in the event of a housing crisis, e.g. after Grenfell?
    How many Lib Dem voters believe the government should reverse Brexit without a second referendum. Or believe it should still be reversed even if a second referendum were lost? etc.

    A hint of these answers can be found in the economic answers (94% of Labour voters believe big business takes advantage of people and 97% think that ordinary people don't get their "fair share") but these are softly softly nudge nudge wink wink questions compared to the inevitable Tory-baiting questions on capital punishment, etc.

    And with 77% of Lab members being ABC1s and 96% white british, they're hardly a paragon of diversity or representatives of the downtrodden, either.
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