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  • another_richardanother_richard Posts: 11,416
    OchEye said:

    Sean_F said:

    The best thing we could do for the special relationship would be to hold a second EU referendum. A UK with a secure place in the EU would make us more relevant to US interests, and the democratic reversal of a mistake would be leading by example in respect of Trump.

    I agree with your thinking.
    Brexit is a historical mistake but with Trump now in power it is something that is going to have to be reversed or stopped. The Brexit supporters are completely deluded and fail to present any sound argument as to how the UK will be better off. Immigration is going to continue, £350 Million a week will not be diverted to the NHS and the only trade deals on the cards are with tiny economies like New Zealand, Australia or Canada. The big deals with China, India and the US are no nearer and just a fantasy. Time to stop this foolish Brexit!
    Since 23rd June 2016, manufacturing output has grown by more than it did in the previous 16 years.

    So, industrial towns that backed are indeed, better off.
    Cheap exports short term as currency devalued, expensive imports long term, low unemployment short term, high unemployment long term as other countries are able to undercut our cost basis. Leaver Wet Dreams! Everyone else's nightmares....
    So what's your solution then ?

    Or perhaps you think that a country which has had a cumulative current account deficit of nearly £500bn over the last five years wasn't living beyond its means ?
  • Is the author on a syllables per word rate?

  • tyson said:

    Julian.....your article is very good but your self description of what you do is pretty fucking stupid and doesn’t really make sense

    I assumed it meant that Julian is some sort of nosyparker and busybody.

    Thanks tyson. Not far off, Richard i.e.

    Multidisciplinary researcher: trained economist (environmental behavioural economics), but also published in biomed lit (integrative physiology) and moving into public health arena

    Social entrepreneur: advocate for, and offer guidance and sanctuary to, those with particular e.g. environmental, health conditions
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