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One of the less attractive aspects of British Euroscepticism (a keenly-contested category) is the willingness of many supporters to see the imminent collapse of the EU with every electoral development around the continent. Last year, Eurosceptics were salivating at the prospect of Geert Wilders’ party topping the poll in the Dutch election. Thwarted on that front, nearly nine out of ten Leave cats who expressed a preference decided that Marine Le Pen’s election as French president would be best for Britain. But the French electorate stubbornly refused to go off the reservation.

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    Good header Alastaire. Enjoyable read. Even when there's minor discontent the Euro is the glue which holds it together. What these commentators don't understand is that the Euro is very popular. Try bringing the lira back in Itally and you'd have a revolution.

    Ultimately if this insane Brexit happens it'll be the collapse of the £ that will bring us back and next time we'll want and we will obliged to join the Euro
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