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edited April 10 in General » Blog Archive » Flotsam and jetsam. Britain’s quiet coastal disaster

They say that if the outer 50 kilometres of Australia were to fall into the sea, the population of that island continent would drop by 85%. Britain doesn’t have the large hinterland that Australia possesses, but if Britain were to be attacked by a giant cookie cutter from space, it’s not at all clear that some of the places crimped off would get any less attention than before.

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  • OmniumOmnium Posts: 2,459
    Nice header Mr M.

    I'm sure that you've identified a real process here, but I'm not at all sure we should in any way worry about it.

    A bit of a boost to the fishing industry will help - I know you don't like Brexit, but it'll finish up being good for fishing.

    The principal dynamic is that if it gets cheap and deserted lots of people will like that. The culture will essentially go of course, but it has already - the fish and chips you might buy anywhere in the UK now owe little to 'real' fish and chips. Somehow the newspaper print intermingled with the chips, and the fact that the chip shop was the warmest place you'd been in weeks because the miners were on strike and there wasn't enough coal - well somehow that doesn't swing it for me in the future, even though I remember it fondly in the past.

    I would like to see some investment in maritime technology. We have an enormous, and unexplored world on our doorstep. I'm not sure it'll help Thanet, but it'll sure help somewhere-on-sea.

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