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edited April 15 in General » Blog Archive » There’s the potential for Labour to get a long term polling boost because of their anti-semitism issues

Chart from polling conducted by YouGov for the Campaign against Antisemitism

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  • ThomasNasheThomasNashe Posts: 1,966
    Just following up comments on the previous thread about Corbyn. Yes, you're right that it's clear that he would provide a real danger to our national security. However, what was missing from most of those posts was any sense of the Tories' culpability for his rise.

    Beyond the contemptible £3 Tories for Corbyn -whom I'd accept were a minority - it's the comprehensive shafting of a generation of voters over housing, Brexit and tuition fees that means no matter what Corbyn does or says, swathes of young people will not be deterred from voting Labour. For a party that once prided itself on its one-nation credentials this is truly shocking.
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