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We read in the weekend papers that the Brexiters within the Conservative party are mustering for an attempt in July to despatch Theresa May, once Royal Assent has been received to the withdrawal bill.  Sources close to David Davis and Jacob Rees-Mogg are covering their retreat in the face of the Prime Minister’s obduracy over future customs arrangements with the EU with a hail of Parthian shots.  Her opponents already have 42 MPs ready to lodge letters for a vote of no confidence, we are told.  48 would mean that a vote would be held.  We are told to expect an “almighty reckoning”. 

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  • SandpitSandpit Posts: 20,316
    Very good piece Alastair. I agree that the mechanism makes it more difficult to replace Mrs May than many think.

    There’s also the issue of timing. There would be a clamour from the membership to have the say in the new leader, which they were denied last time when Mrs Leadsom withdrew, so the contest will take take a couple of months in practice at a time when the A50 clock is running down.

    The MPs would be acutely aware of how this looks, so may hold off a challenge in order to see the Brexit legislation through Parliament - probably with a fair amount of fudge as we saw yesterday.
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