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edited July 2018 in General » Blog Archive » David Davis quits possibly making a challenge to TMay more likely

The big UK political news overnight is that the BrexSec and former favourite to succeed TMay, David Davis, has resigned as a minister following his disagreement with the PM’s approach to Brexit. Another of his ministers, Steve Baker, has gone with him.

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  • JohnLoonyJohnLoony Posts: 1,749
    I genuinely don't know if the new proposal / deal / fudge is worth the candle it's written on, or not, or whether it's a huge betrayal, or whether it's a realistic assessment of the most realistic deal which can get a majority from this parliament. When I was chatting about Brexit a few months ago with Gavin Barwell, I realised that a lot of what he was trying to explain to me just went over my head (because my brain is not sharp enough to understand the technical details).

    But what I do know is that I have always been, and probably always will be, frustrated and angry at Mrs May's inexplicably reckless decision to call an unnecessary and unwanted general election. Her repeated slogans that "Brexit means Brexit", and that the UK will leave the Single Market and the Customs Union, have been watered down so much that I don't even know if she actually believes it herself - whether she is deluded, or is consciously lying.

    I can't trust Mrs May to make even the most basic and fundamental decisions on Brexit, or indeed on some other things, so I think that it is time to grasp the nettle by the horns and get rid of her, otherwise the lemmings will come home to roost. I want Michael Gove to be PM, because he is a Brexiteer and because he understands detail.
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