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edited July 2018 in General » Blog Archive » If today’s SkyData poll is on the money Brexiters should begin to worry

SkyData poll find backing for second referendum by 10% margin

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  • tpfkartpfkar Posts: 1,317
    Just read the whole of the previous thread and there's a new one - typical!

    For all the talk of how divisive a 2nd ref would be, hard to imagine it's worse than the alternative. Is there a single leaver out there who actually thinks they could get a majority on a deal to leave (or no deal?) To a man they seem terrified of the thought. Partly because it feels the establishment is against them - I get that - but they are the establishment now. If Brexit is so wonderful, why is there no way they would be prepared to get confirmation that the country is with them? I would be a surefire remainer, but in my heart of hearts I'd want a clear result either way to give a far firmer mandate than the 2016 one is doing.

    What I have changed my view on in the past month or so, is that we'll be back in within a decade if we do leave (unless there is a great exit deal coming that I haven't anticipated.) The generation coming just aren't standing for any of this nonsense, and as soon as the current 21-35 generation get hold of the levers of power, any arrangement outside will be unsustainable, and it therefore won't sustain. I now expect rejoin to be a serious proposition almost immediately, whereas I'd previously thought it would take 20 years.
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