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edited August 2018 in General » Blog Archive » The prospect of Johnson as leader should make Theresa’s position a bit more secure

Much has been written about the incredible resilience of Theresa May who has managed to hang on to her job now for well over a year after losing the party it’s majority in the June 2017 general election.

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  • booksellerbookseller Posts: 226
    I can't quite work out what Boris' MO is - I understand he's channeling Winston Churchill (his book makes it pretty clear) so following the WC narrative, he's having his time in the wilderness, ahead of a country crisis post-Brexit, and then he can step in and be the leader the country needs in its 'darkest hour'.

    Except he's on the wrong side of history. In 1940 we had an empire, and we were threatened by upstart countries trying to supplant us as dominant regional or even global powers. Now - we have no empire, there is no comparable threat, the Brexit 'crisis' is entirely of our own making, so is this the behaviour of a delusional Churchill-fetishist, or are there enough people in the country ready to rally around a "blood, toil, tears and sweat" Boris if and when we fall off a cliff economics-wise? I can't see it myself, but then I couldn't see leave winning two years ago...genuinely interested.
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