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edited September 2018 in General » Blog Archive » Twisting on 17: the hardline Leavers’ great gamble

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    Mr Meeks,

    We have split into two camps. Another referendum, and if necessary, yet another one until you get the right result, won't heal the split.

    Remain had all the advantages in the first one. To ensure there was no publicity or preparation for leaving, Cameron stopped the preparations for Brexit. Hence there was no plan B, when horror of horrors, those pesky voters didn't follow the script. Cue hysterical complaints from Remainers that no one had a Brexit plan ready. I didn't have one up my sleeve either for the simple reason I'm not in charge of the Civil Service. Labour didn't have a Brexit plan for the same reason. It's not rocket science, is it? Sorry, if I'm insulting your intelligence, but why do we still get the same moans

    The lack of a plan B was surprising, but it was down to the arch-Remainer Cameron. Why isn't he being criticised? After that, we get a litany of moans when the EU plays hardball for a while (which is called good negotiating). When you sell a house, you don't put it on the market for a cheap price immediately.

    Your cunning plan of 'appeasing' Remainers by adopting some of their requests, in fact, a big chunk of them, is akin to Labour winning the next GE and taking on a big chunk of the Tory manifesto. How about let's wear a blue rosette and support capitalism?

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