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Notoriously, Hillary Clinton never paid a campaign visit to Wisconsin in the five months between securing the Democratic nomination on 7 June 2016 and polling day, before losing the Badger State by less than 23,000 votes out of nearly three million cast. There is an element of mythology about Clinton’s Rust Belt absence. In truth, Trump didn’t spend any days there in the final month before polling day either – though he did devote five days campaigning earlier on – and he gave only slightly more in-person attention to Pennsylvania and Michigan too.

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    Also worth mentioning in relation to 2020 are ballot measures in Michigan to have no excuse early voting, straight ticket voting and automatic voter registration which is expected to pass. In Florida a measure to automatically reinstate voting rights of nonviolent felons (up to 1.5million new voters who are disproportionately African American). It needs 60% to pass, it’s polling above that but there’s a question mark on whether casual supports will find it among the other ballot measures. Both would be boons for Democratics in key swing states.
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