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In late 2018, as Britain wanders down the path marked Brexit, the route ahead still looks murky, thorny and pot-holed. The country is still divided almost equally between those who think Britain was right to vote Leave in 2016 and those who think it was a mistake. An increasing number of hardcore Remainers are calling for a second referendum, while many hardcore Leavers argue that would make the first referendum meaningless, undermining democracy. 

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  • TGOHFTGOHF Posts: 19,434
    Holding a referendum was the first cowardly act of the Conservatives to kick the can down the road. Brexit negotiations have continued that path.

    Cameron couldn't make a positive case for the EU - so he outsourced the planned "remain" campaign and hoped to shut down discussions which he couldn't do.

    We shouldn't have a referendum on anything for 30+ years - hopefully.
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