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edited November 2018 in General » Blog Archive » A second referendum is a dangerous distraction to the real action

Brexit Day is now just 125 days away, or less than 18 weeks, if you prefer (and of those, you can discount Christmas). The extent of the discussion of a second referendum is therefore a measure of the desperation of both those who want to stop Brexit and those dissatisfied with how it’s going.

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  • It's a very good piece. There is no time for another referendum. One will only happen if Brexit collapses and if Brexit collapses then there will be other immediate priorities than another referendum.

    In fairness to the People's Vote campaign another referendum #1 Was something the disjointed and waring europhile groups could agree on. It was a lowest common denominator policy and it's worked. All the big groups have rowed in behind it and are coordinating. People's Vote us more of a brand than a product but europhilia needed a brand. #2 It was an attempt at shooting the legitimacy fox. Favouring a second referendum is an explicit admission the first referendum must stand unless superceded. #3 People's Vote is counter populism after the elitism of the Remain campaign. It suited the vacuum of the chaotic negotiation period and will suit a post deal rejection period. What it doesn't suit is a period where there is a deal as a deal isn't a vacuum. The paradox of a People's Vote is the scenario it's most suited to - a deal - something to have a People's Vote on is the scenario it's least likely to happen in emotionally. After all if you have a deal why would you go through the horror of another referendum ?
  • Just to cheer everyone up the highly credible Stephen Bush thinks we're are heading towards a 2019 General Election - which the Tories might win.
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