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edited December 2018 in General » Blog Archive » Take two – how would a fresh referendum play out?

A spectre is haunting Parliament – the spectre of a new referendum.  On Tuesday, Parliament voted to allow itself to amend any back-up plan that the government brought forward in the event that its own deal was defeated in the meaningful vote next week. As things stand, defeat in that vote looks inevitable at present. The odds on a #peoplesvote or fresh referendum or re-ferendum or whatever you want to call it have risen sharply as a result.

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  • kyf_100kyf_100 Posts: 1,560
    I doubt leave will need to focus on immigration in a second referendum. The sheer anger of "didn't you hear us the first time?" will be enough.

    A second referendum will be the powerful against the people. A big old F.U. to the hoi polloi. Or at least that is how the leave campaign will present it.

    It isn't about immigration. It is about being heard. It is about decades of people saying "we voted for one thing and you delivered another". Whether that is immigration or NHS services or whatever.

    It is about people who feel, fairly or unfairly, that they are not being listened to. When you realise that it is obvious what a second referendum leave campaign would look like.

    "They're still not listening."
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