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edited December 2018 in General » Blog Archive » Take two – how would a fresh referendum play out?

A spectre is haunting Parliament – the spectre of a new referendum.  On Tuesday, Parliament voted to allow itself to amend any back-up plan that the government brought forward in the event that its own deal was defeated in the meaningful vote next week. As things stand, defeat in that vote looks inevitable at present. The odds on a #peoplesvote or fresh referendum or re-ferendum or whatever you want to call it have risen sharply as a result.

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  • OldKingColeOldKingCole Posts: 15,563
    Sort of On Topic. Just had an email from Priti Patel, of which the saleint part is:

    'Not only is the proposed deal undemocratic because it does not respect the Referendum result, it allows the EU to continue to make laws and rules that impact on our country which we will have no say in. It also threatens the integrity of the United Kingdom by treating Northern Ireland differently, allows the EU Court to impose judgements on us for many years to come and prevents us from making new trade deals with the rest of the world. Instead of being a global power in our own right, the deal lets the EU pull our strings for many more years and perhaps indefinitely.

    I have issued a statement on the Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration and have commented on the damage they would cause to our country. I have also challenged the Government over the impact on our fisheries and questioned the Prime Minister over the future control that the EU Court will exert on our country.'

    Interesting in the same newsletter she talks aboiut a demonstration in favour of her position, gives a contact, but doesn't say where it's to be.

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