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edited January 12 in General » Blog Archive » It’s time for the Tories to pick a candidate for Buckingham

Goodwill is the oil which lubricates the British constitution. The rules of parliament have been inherited from a time when governing was a gentlemen’s business and was expected to be carried out by gentlemen acting as gentlemen. Self-restraint and the awareness of when it becomes inappropriate to keep pushing a case are an essential aspect to enabling the system to work. Parliament is frequently criticised for being overly adversarial – and so it is – but that conflict is also bounded by an unwritten (and unwriteable) code of conduct.

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  • NickPalmerNickPalmer Posts: 12,457
    Interesting, but I'm not sure anyone will be in the mood for it when the current paroxysm has passed. My guess is that he retains majority support in the Commons, from MPs on both sides who like a Speaker who's a bit awkward for the government of the day and errs on the side of letting MPs have their head.

    The Survation poll on the last thread neatly balances the pre-Xmas YouGov. I'm not sure that there is really anything very significant happening to party support - most people are shaking their heads bemusedly and saying they'll vote as they did last time. Survation has a small house leaning to Labour like YouGov's to the Tories (this poll is just Lab+1,Con-1 compared to the last Survation), and the position remains essentially tied. But those of us who feel the electorate *ought* to be swinging one way or the other are probably overestimating how much most voters are following the ins and outs of it all.
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